Why should you order our products?

We are a family company, dedicated to bringing you the great eco friendly and environmentally friendly products on the market at great prices! Thus, buying them means you're committed to playing a significant role in the "plastic-free ocean" campaign.

Our bamboo products are biodegradable and contain no plastic. They are made from superior quality eco-friendly materials in order to provide you with the best experience.

As a family that is environmentally and hygiene conscious, our products are perfect for you! Start sharing our vision of world where the beauty of the earth is preserved for upcoming generations.

Our eco-friendly, biodegradable products are a great way of starting a healthier lifestyle.



Q: Why are you running this promotion?

We're running this sale to spread the word about this product. We find nature beautiful and we committed to ensuring that its beauty reflects in all our products. Promotions like this help us get the word out and increase our product's popularity on Amazon.

Q: Can I trust you?

If you trust Amazon, you can trust us. The entire purchase will be handled by Amazon, meaning you'll have access to Amazon's world-class customer service and refund policy.

Q: How can I use my coupon on Amazon if I have any?

You can add your coupon code during your checkout on Amazon. You'll receive detailed instructions once you've claimed your coupon.

Q: Does this include free shipping?

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, or if your order exceeds £20 you'll get free shipping.