Power Tan Cherry Onyx Hot Cherry Tingle Bronzer 250ml

Power Tan



Product Description

Tingle Bronzer

A maximum hot tingle formulation, fortified with natural high quality bronzers. Contains Unipertan P2002 for faster tanning results. Formulated for the advanced tanner, this product delivers amazing results and fragrance.

Power Tan’s quality tanning formulas are uniquely designed to exceed your tanning desires. Power Tan products contain the most advanced combination of natural tanning ingredients combined with the latest science to give you the deepest, darkest, fastest tan possible while keeping your skin soft and supple. Plus their advanced fragrance technology assures the freshest smelling tanning experience ever.

Power Tan offers some of the best tanning products available, offering you salon quality products in a variety of tanning solutions depending on your skin type and desired tan effect.

Power Tan products use only the best ingredients to optimize your tan, keeping it soft, supple and nourished. Skin is softer and healthier feeling after application and tanning results are maximized.

Power Tan have sunbed creams to satisfy everyone from beginners to expert tanners. The range contains creams with fast action bronzers for those difficult to tan legs, tingle creams for those serious tanners who might like it hot and of course new tanners are catered for with non tingle creams.

Power Tan indoor tanning lotions range have amazing fragrances such as raspberry, pear berry, citrus, tangerine, all designed to heighten the senses during your tanning session.

Legal Disclaimer

Recommended for sunbed use only. This product does not contain a sunscreen and will not protect against sunburn. Contains HOT tingle sensation recommended for advanced tanners.

A maximum hot tingle formula, fortified with natural bronzing agents and premium skin conditioning ingredients.

Contains L-Tyrosine for immediate dark tanning results and advanced moisturising agents to fight fine lines and wrinkles. Also contains Vitamin R to fight free radicals. Created for the advanced tanner.
Fragrance: Cherry Chocolate